Natural and organic skin care products: why you should switch

In essence natural and organic skin care products are 95% natural and above if it is not 100%. Even though a product can be natural and organic; not all natural products are organic or 100% natural. However natural and organic skin care products are provided with the purest ingredients on the market. Which means healthy food for the skin. Healthy skin equal to glowing skin; untamed natural beauty I would call it. And because all ingredients come from nature added to the fact that we are familiar with them, they are not harmful the skin. Except some special circumstances of allergies reactions.

So my question is why everybody are not using natural and organic skin care product for their skin if it is said, known, and confirmed to be natural? Well the answer is pretty much clear. It is obvious to the extent that it has us behaving like automated machinery. I am talking about the Mass Media industry. The media industry over the years has gotten very good at convincing us to use and adopt anything they so desire to sell us. Any product that come with fancy terms such as anti-aging, pore-refining, whitening, brightening, softening, repairing will bait us. Truth to be told, those words are very catchy and beside; this is exactly what the customer are after.

And even though natural organic skin care product deliver the same if it is not better solution; most people are after quick fix. This quick fix desire is interpreted this way: the customer has a problem and we offer a solution in a very specific and appealing way that it is hard to resist. Basically the modern skin care industry has done a good job at evolving with technology. Evolving to the point that it has products designed and available for any skin conditions people might be experiencing with rapid solution.

But those solutions come at a price. The heavy side effects of those chemicals on the skin ; not only steal away the individual beauty in the long run but it extracts a heavy toll on its/her self-confidence over the time spam. It is like eating junk but tasty food for long period and expecting to keep the same morphology. Indeed, those chemicals have serious damaging side effect on the skin to point that they become drugs for the skin. As one issue is being resolved, another is being created by the very same product; creating more spending as a result. And this is how the beauty industry is making tons money; by getting the customer drugged up for more products that of course they will develop and sell.

However, the past decades have witnessed the fast growing of the green beauty space with some very appealing new ways to treat, nourish and care for our skin using natural ingredients. Brands like Origins has been leading the way for more than three decades and many more such as 100%pure, Osea, juice beauty are on the same path. Indeed, several ingredients that find their place in modern organic skin care products had been developed from ancient remedies. Remedies that are had been in use for centuries due to their incredible benefits for the skin. Witch hazel, aloe, neem, rosehip, and rice water are common trending ingredients on the rise due to their incredible benefits for the skin. Witch hazel for example which is known for its astringent action can help control the microbes on skin that play a role in causing acne. It can certainly be a replacement for benzoyl peroxide. Here is few reasons why you should switch to natural organic skin care products and how to choose the best product for you:

Natural and organic ingredients are healthy food for the skin

Good and healthy food has always been associated with long term health. The same goes the skin. Most importantly, all ingredients present in organic products were grown without the use of pesticide, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and Genetic modified organism (GMO). They come with all the benefits natural good healthy foods bring the human body as a result. Similarly, to the way we feel after eating our veggies and do our work out, the skin will be glowing, fresher and younger than ever Because it is receiving healthy nutrients, the skin will be able to repair, nourish, and rejuvenate itself.

Safe for the environment: ecofriendly

Conventional skin care product are made with ingredients harvested with the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and more resulting in damaging the soil. Most significantly, the manufacturing process of conventional skin care product realese toxic chemicals polluting the air as a result. Those chemicals are washed down the drains after usage affecting the water and the aquatic life. However by switching to an all natural and organic skin care product you are preserving the environment. This is because farmers use real organic practice to grow the ingredients. And the making of natural and organic skin care product does not use any chemicals.

Natural and organic skin care products are cruelty-free contrary to conventional skin care products. Indeed, the testing on animals is to ensure the safety of those chemicals on the human body.

Organic skin care products are good for your health

Conventional skin care brand can put any chemical they desire in their fragrances and products because they need to keep their ingredients secrets for business purpose. Therefore, the Food And Drug Organization has little to no regulation whatsoever regarding the use of those chemicals.

Let’s not forget that the skin is the largest organ in the human body. And considering all the hassle the skin go through daily such as cuts, scratches and polluted air, plus the using of chemicals based products on the skin. We are deliberately damaging the organ.

Also, because the skin play an important role for the body as a protector and an absorber, the only way to help it and using natural product that designed to help it repairs and nourish itself.

With zero chemicals present in natural and organic skin care products, there is no risk of allergies form unknowns ingredients. Natural organic ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, aloe Vera and Shea butter are well-known to soothe out the skin and moisturize resulting in an overall good health.

Natural organic skin care products are good for your pockets.

Most ingredients present in organic skin care products are well-known and familiar. Not only those ingredients are good for the skin health but you know what is the perfect fit for you. No need to spend hundreds of dollars at the dermatologist if you follow a natural and organic regimen. No need for expensive luxury brand skin treatment or spa. The ingredients are so familiar that you can pick and design your own skin care routine; because you had been living long enough with yourself to know what works best for you.

Above all, with thousands of tutorials online about how to create natural soap, how to create natural face mask and even how to create exfoliating body wash and scrub;you can design your own good and healthy skin care routine.

Treat your skin with respect and kindness

The use of Natural and Organic skin care products has many benefits for your health, the Eco system and even you finance. And as Jim kwik said ” knowledge is not only power but it is also freedom”. With millions of educational content on the web, there is no better time than right now to take control of our skin health and better care for it.

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